We are currently halfway through our second Gradguide cohort of 2020. It has been non-stop since March onboarding new mentors and students so I thought I would hop on the blog for a change (give Ian a break) and reflect on some of our success stories from cohort 1.

With over 50% of cohort 1 now placed in their first jobs in the tech sector below are a few standout students that we wanted to highlight in this week's post.

Lorna Buckley — Customer Care Expert at Wix.com

Lorna applied to Gradguide looking to get into a client-facing role directly after her business degree. She worked closely with Amy Halahan from Microsoft and landed a job as a Customer Care Expert at Wix.com a week after completing the program.

Amazing experience with Gradguide! My mentor Amy was incredible and so knowledgable. I would recommend to any recent graduates looking to get their first job in the tech industry.

Mohamed Ghobara — Sales Development Representative at Front

Mohamed was our first student outside of Ireland to signup for Gradguide, based in Paris, France. Mohamed was in the process of completing his Masters at Grenoble Business School and his thesis focused on AI influences in tech sales when he joined Gradguide. Mohamed speaks English, French & Arabic and his strong sales acumen meant he didn’t just receive one offer but three offers!

I happened to stumble upon Gradguide on Linkedin and what an amazing help has it been. Although currently positioned in Ireland, Mark was very knowledgable of the French tech ecosystem and was an amazing help when it comes to the CV but also in the follow up with my job applications. Can’t recommend Gradguide enough!

Jane Scott — Program Support Specialist at MarketStar (Partner Company)

Jane had relevant experience from part-time jobs and being involved with clubs & societies during college. Jane came to Gradguide to help tailor this experience to make her a good candidate for a fast-moving technology company. With several offers on the table, she opted to join Marketstar an industry leader for outsourced business development working with Asana, FB & Dropbox.

I found my first job through Gradguide. The program has an excellent sense of community and everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. Matthew, my mentor helped me in every way possible, from ensuring you have the perfect CV and cover letter, to interview tips and instilling a confidence in me to apply to jobs. He really helped me understand the type of job I wanted to pursue and the options available to me. He is really relaxed and gives constant feedback as well as always being available for a call. As a business graduate in the midst of these uncertain times, Gradguide couldn’t have been more helpful. I would recommend any soon to be graduates to get involved! The regular blogs are also a great help and very interesting read for graduates. A massive thank you to all the Gradguide team!

Jack Hussey — Sales Development Rep at Chargify (Partner Company)

Jack was in the process of completing his business degree at Trinity College when he signed up for Gradguide. Jack is very entrepreneurial and had two of his own side projects on the go. He decided he wanted some tech sales experience before going out on his own and opted to turn down AWS for one of our partner companies, Chargify.

After finishing college, I signed up for Gradguide to improve my chances at landing a job and building up my professional profile. Over the next few weeks, with my mentor Mark, I refined what kind of role I would like to pursue and where my strengths were. I made significant improvements to my CV and LinkedIn to position myself as a great candidate for these roles by completing relevant certificates and courses, and Mark gave me helpful insights into the work done in these positions. From this, I was able to land a job in tech out of college. Thanks to Mark and the team at Gradguide.

We hope to do more of these profile posts of our successful mentees over the coming weeks and months. If you are a student or recent grad looking for guidance to help you transition from college to tech company please get in touch.

We will be taking on new applicants for our next cohort (starting in October) very shortly. As always if you have any questions you can catch us through the messenger on our website.

Cheers, Mark from Gradguide.