For those who regularly keep up to date with all things Gradguide, we are now at the halfway stage of cohort 3 this year.

As I have managed to find some time to reflect this evening, I decided to take to our blog to highlight some success stories from our last cohort of grads.

We have recently specialised further into our most successful niche that is sales & support roles in technology companies. The following placements below further strengthen this decision to do so and show that we are clearly moving in the right direction.  

Caoilainn Clancy - Growth Capital Associate at Wayflyer (Partner Company)

Caoilainn came to Gradguide after completing an International Business and Spanish degree at DCU. She was interested in getting into an entry level sales role in a technology company having interned at during her studies.

She worked closely with her mentor and won out against lots of other talented grads to be hired by one of our partners Wayflyer, a fast growing fintech startup who just raised €7.8M in seed funding.

For me personally however, the proudest moment was when Caoilainn came back to speak at our recent kickoff call for cohort 3 to tell our latest batch how to get the most value from the program.

Gradguide is honestly the most helpful graduate website I have ever come across. From helping create the perfect CV and cover letter to preparing for the interview process, the organisation really is the best.

Callum Maher - Sales Development Rep at Oracle

Callum joined Gradguide with the aim of also landing a job in tech sales. He boasts a bachelors from Trinity College and masters from DCU with plenty of part time work experience under his belt.

Callum leaned on our mentor community to seek a referral into Oracle and secured the role quickly afterwards. Callum has been spreading the word about Gradguide and actually was responsible for the most referrals of anyone for cohort 3!

The Gradguide network alone puts mentees ahead of the curve when it comes to transitioning into tech. I can say with confidence I would not have been in a position to interview for the role had I not leaned on Gradguide for support throughout the process.

Jamie Storey - Customer Support Rep

Jamie had recently completed a Bachelor Degree from DCU and was looking to transition into the tech sector in either a sales or support role. Jamie's positive can do attitude was apparent from the get go. He constantly posted about his progress on Linkedin throughout the 6 weeks which was really exciting to see first hand.

Jamie worked with his mentor Seb and was referred by another of our mentors Craig to land his job in Hubspot. News of his placement travelled fast and his job announcement on Linkedin has already gone viral by the looks.

Gradguide has a huge amount of resources available to help take that next step in your career. They use weekly check ups to make sure everything is going smoothly. I would recommend Gradguide to any graduate looking for that extra bit of help to land a job out of college.

I am sure there will be plenty more placements in the coming weeks that we can showcase and I hope to profile these graduates in the near future.We also hope to see our successful grads like those mentioned above return in a few months as the next generation of mentors on the Gradguide platform.

We will begin to start taking applications for our next cohort starting in January very soon. Any questions as always you can contact us on or directly through the messenger on our site

Thanks for reading,