As another Gradguide cohort commences another blog post from me begins. For those of you who keep an eye on the blog you will know that Ian normally runs the show and rightfully so. However, as I have done before I would like to reflect and highlight some success stories from our previous cohort.

Once again, from our recent placements you will see a growing trend of success with placements in client-facing roles in technology companies, notably sales development. If you too are looking to kickstart your career in tech sales straight out of college, based off our case studies and mentorship network, there is no better place to signup.

Tanvi Anand - Business Development Representative at ChannelSight

Tanvi studied a Masters in Marketing at Michael Smurfit UCD before signing up to cohort 3. As well as having experience from several internships, Tanvi was also constantly looking for other ways to up skill by doing online courses and certs.

Having mentioned that she was very keen to get into a tech sales role in a fast-growing startup, Tanvi worked closely with her mentor during the program to help prepare for multiple interview processes which paid off as she landed a job at one of our partner companies, ChannelSight. Having spoken with mentors who work at ChannelSight & the CCO it was clear that Tanvi's interview was exceptionally strong and they are delighted to have her onboard.

Gradguide is a great resource for graduates looking to enter the tech world. The support you receive from your mentor and the entire team is invaluable. I am very fortunate and grateful for all the help and guidance.

Iman Zuberi - Sales Development Representative at Segment

Iman studied business at DCU before beginning the Gradguide mentorship program. Based off her profile she was a great fit for sales and was paired with her mentor Jannika based in Finland who has worked at Salesforce, Intercom & Microsoft in sales roles.

Iman has since landed an SDR job at Segment in Dublin. Segment are on massive growth trajectory after their acquisition by Twilio, a very exciting time to come on board and hopefully we will see Gradguide mentees working there in the near future!

My experience with Gradguide has been terrific and helped me to secure not one, but 2 job offers!
Leaving college and entering the job market can be extremely daunting, particularly for those who haven't secured a graduate role during their final year. In my experience, most people I know went on to work in the Big 4 or a bank, leaving me questioning whether I should have chosen a similar path despite having no interest in accounting or finance.
I was lucky to be referred to Gradguide's programme where I learned how to explore other options in sales, marketing and customer service, which were far more up my street. Along with getting useful advice on how to enhance my CV and make full use of my LinkedIn, I got to work one-on-one with my mentor Jannika who helped me each step of the way!
Mentoring is 100% the best way to navigate through the job market, as it allows you to get a real insight into what employers actually look for and how to effectively apply for roles. But definitely be mindful that you'll get out of this service what you put in yourself. So be prepared to be proactive when working with Gradguide to get the most out of it!

Danielle Courtney - Sales Development Representative at Chargify

Danielle studied both an Undergrad and Masters at Trinity College Dublin ahead of starting her Gradguide journey. It was very clear from early conversations during the vetting process that Danielle knew that she wanted to work in a sales role in a SaaS company.

Danielle was paired with Alice who works in Sales Development at LinkedIn and is also our resident webinar rockstar taking part in our Learn with Gradguide series earlier this year. Danielle stood out in the interview process at Chargify, one of our partner companies, due to her knowledge of a typical sales process, the tools she would use in the day to day role and how her past experience would stand to her in the role.

I’m so happy I came across Gradguide! After graduating from my masters, I felt the job hunt was so daunting and I had no idea where to even start my search. The structured format of the programme is so useful in perfecting your CV, cover letters and LinkedIn profile. My mentor Alice was such a massive help to me throughout the application and interview processes, I can’t thank her enough for all the time she gave me. 100% would recommend Gradguide to any news graduate who is looking to network and land their dream job.

I am sure there will be plenty more placements in the coming weeks that we can showcase and I hope to profile these mentees in the near future.We also hope to see our successful grads like those mentioned above return in a few months as the next generation of mentors on the Gradguide platform.

We will begin to start taking applications for our next cohort very soon. Any questions as always you can contact us on or directly through the messenger on our site

If you want to get started straight away we also run a 1-Many Program which can be taken at any time over video tutorials & email.

Thanks for reading